How to request a project in Pandora SEOM?

Throughout the year you will be able to submit your request for inclusion in the Pandora tool. There is a maximum of 5 approved projects per year and only one application per IP (SEOM partner).

When you complete the application process, your project will be evaluated by a committee with representatives from SEOM and specialists in the specific pathology of the project. After approval and notification by the committee, the IP must certify approval by the reference CEIC before the project is launched and within a maximum period of 60 days.

If you need more information about the process and how the Pandora tool works, click the button.

More information

Create your own study

The PANDORA platform allows for the design of three study profiles. Firstly, you can configure an observational study for a specific type of cancer, in which you explore some specific aspect of its evolution or management. Secondly, you can design a general registry that studies some clinical aspect of interest for any type of cancer in a cross-sectional manner. Finally, you can use PANDORA to carry out a clinical trial of a branch or randomized type. In all cases, you can register variables of dichotomous response, ordinal, or survival data. From the tool itself, you can manage credentials and make queries to the researchers.

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CRD (Data collection)

The PANDORA platform offers you the possibility of designing a dynamic and modulable electronic data collection (e-CRD). The e-CRD consists of various tabs that include several sections and modules. You will find common variables and others that you can create/modify according to the needs of your study. You will decide which variables to include from all the available ones, which ones to add, and other filter and design criteria.

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Data analysis and results report

With your registry created using PANDORA SEOM, you can generate an Excel file with all your variables and data at any time so that you can exploit it for the production of articles or reports that you need."

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CRO (Contract Research Organization)

For the management of administrative tasks for your study such as the preparation and adaptation of the protocol and consent, submission to the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), inclusion in registry databases, or submission and signing of center contracts, you can contact Iricom at this link (and insert the link to our website) for their services beyond Pandora SEOM.